Waterplex Acquisition

Acquisition of Waterplex

Published March, 2018

The Heico Companies announced that it has completed the acquisition of Waterplex.

Established in 2006 and based in Sydney, Australia, Waterplex provides unique rainwater storage solutions for residential and municipal markets, as well as flexible bulk liquid storage tanks for the container and truck transportation market.

The company's rainwater harvesting and storage solutions include its proprietary eco sac® and reo sac® bladder tanks as well as a full line of steel and plastic water tanks and accessories for residential, municipal and industrial rainwater storage needs. Additionally, Waterplex provides large scale water storage solutions including panel tanks, dam liners and large bladder tanks up to 1 million liters.

The company's bulk liquid transportation solutions include a full range of flexitank containers for the bulk transport of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids using traditional dry-van trailers or shipping containers.

Through the acquisition of Waterplex, Heico's Ancra Group expands its product offering within the transport solutions and cargo control markets. The addition of the rainwater storage products also expands and complements the range of plumbing and sewer tools and accessories that Ancra offers throughout Australia, New Zealand and other Southeast Asian markets.

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